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8,15 €
The "Craterellus cornucopioides", commonly called the "Dead Trumpet", has a characteristic trumpet shape and a grayish brown color. It is used both fresh and dried and pulverized.

8,15 €
Gialletti or finferli are easily recognizable mushrooms, widespread and delicate taste.

9,30 €
Flavored porcini mushrooms (850 ml ) in sunflower oil, pepper and parsley.

10,00 €
The best of the undergrowth, cleaned, cooked and preserved in excellent quality oil. The added spices allow to enhance the taste of porcini.

8,15 €
The finferle, of the Cantharellus lutescens group, looks like a trumpet, and goes well with fresh pasta and risottos.

12,70 €
Dried porcini are excellent for the creation of risotto or to flavor sauces.

26,50 €
The "Morchelle", commonly known as "Spugnole", have an unmistakable form. Great for risotto, omelets, soups and we also recommend it on pizza.

15,20 €
Great porcini dried in the sun that preserve all the scent of the woods where they were harvested. The type of preservation allows it to be throughout the year. They are excellent with risotto and meat based dishes, and very easy to use.

8,15 €
The "Gambesecche" (the scientific name is "Marasmius oreades") are small black-brown mushrooms. It has a very intense and pleasant smell reminding that of almonds.

10,30 €
The mixture of dried mushrooms contains a well-balanced mix of prataioli mushroom, skins, shiitake and boletus. Great for delicious risotto and white and red meat dishes.

10,00 €
Tasty mushrooms preserved in olive oil, immediately ready for fancy contours or quick appetizers, but also to create refined sauces to propose with fresh pasta.

31,20 €
Drying away from the sun allows our porcini to keep the original white color. Perfect for a useful and definitely appreciated gift!