Who we are?

Our Company

The passion for mountain and nature is at the heart of the daily work of the Scapin family, which with grandfather Florindo begins as a vegetable sales activity in the streets of "Altopiano dei Sette Comuni". Supported by a large family he decides to open a store in Treschè Conca, togheter with his wife Emanuela.

Enzo, the oldest of the five children, follows the example of the father inheriting a craft with many facets and many innovations thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit and his passion for the woods and mushrooms of the splendid territory. Enzo, with Donata, decides to deal with nature, which besides being beautiful is also good. Fruits, vegetables and mushrooms managed with the proper competence, cultivating themselves the Pleurotus ostreatus (Prataioli) mushrooms, and deciding to offer these products under various forms of preservetion.

Today, the products of the wood are managed by Donata, Lucio (mycologist) and Maria with a determination that mixes respect for the surrounding environment and the will to present a territory full of flavors, scents, colors and stories.